Hiring a home inspector is an integral part of buying a home. Not only will their home inspection reports provide worthwhile insights into the home’s condition, but also help you negotiate with the seller if a concern arises. However, it’s essential to understand that home inspectors won’t look at every aspect of your home. To give you an idea of what home inspectors don’t cover, here’s a quick guide.

  1. Pests

Unless a pest infestation is so bad that it’s immediately and easily visible, home inspectors will not look for them. They won’t take an in-depth look at potential structural damage that pests may have done, but they will note any damage that they can see. 

If you suspect a pest infestation, contact an exterminator to come and take a closer look at the home before you place an offer.

  1. Appliances

Appliances are expensive and, unfortunately, may have issues that you don’t notice until after you try to use them. Even if home inspectors don’t check them, you should still have them tested, particularly if there’s a gas stove or the appliances seem out of date.

  1. Landscaping

Home inspectors are there to inspect the home, not the garden and landscaping. Even if there are visible issues such as dead spots, dead plants, or pests, a home inspector won’t note them. It’s up to you to address visible landscaping concerns.

  1. Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are a godsend for many homeowners, but not if they don’t work. They’re expensive to install and can be expensive to repair, but keep in mind that home inspectors won’t check them. Sprinkler systems fall under landscaping, and as such, they aren’t part of the focus of a home inspector. 

  1. Plumbing

Home inspectors can’t be experts in everything, so don’t expect them to notice plumbing issues or concerns aside from any visible leaks or outdated plumbing. Only the most basic and visible plumbing issues will be addressed by home inspectors, which means they won’t look at plumbing pipes, swimming pools, hot tubs, or septic tanks.

  1. Electronic Systems

Perhaps the home comes with a built-in speaker or stereo system or a security system. Whatever electronic system the home may be equipped with, you’ll need to work with the respective companies to test the system. Home inspectors won’t focus on them unless there are visible concerns about the electrical setup.

  1. Building Code Violations

This may come as a surprise, but home inspectors won’t consider municipal building code violations. They’ll inspect the structure of the home and address any potential issues or dangers, but they won’t note any violations. 

  1. Detached Structures

Again, a home inspector is focused on the home itself. They won’t focus on structures like a shed, garage, or barn that’s on the property. In some cases, you can hire a home inspector to inspect these structures as well, but this will often cost extra and is a service that may not be offered by all home inspectors or companies. 

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Home inspections are a vital step to buying a home and shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if there are a number of things that a home inspector don’t look for, these inspections can give you vital insight into the house you’re planning to purchase. In addition, if there are certain issues, you’ll know about them sooner rather than later and can work with the seller to either adjust the price, fix the issue, or back out of your offer.