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Buying a property can be an exciting process and a big decision.  We can help you make that decision with a clear and detailed inspection report. We will help you see the house with the faults exposed so that you can make a more informed choice.  After the inspection the report will explain each fault or concern found with a clear description and where possible pictures, so that you can understand what we are seeing.

Orlando Home Inspector

As a certified Florida state licensed Home Inspector (Leigh Murray License HI 10646) I am licensed to provide Home Inspections, Roof inspections, Wind Mitigations and 4 Point Inspections

About Orlando Home Inspection Services

We know that when you buy a home, you want to just move in, maybe do some redecorating, and make it into your dream home.
Before you get to that though, hold on first —you’ll need a home inspection, which is where we come in.
A home inspection is basically when a home inspector comes in to assess the condition of your home, which includes things like the heating and air conditioning, the roof, the foundation, any sort of water damage, and more. Once you make an offer on the home, we’ll do the inspection before you close the deal.
For example, if you find that there’s more damage on the home that you’ll need to fix, you might want to negotiate the price more, ask the seller to cover the repairs, or even withdraw your offer. You might also want to snatch up that home quickly to make sure that no one else gets it.
As your home inspector, we can’t tell you the value of the home, but we will be able to assess the condition of the house so that you’re aware of any potential issues before you start moving in.

Why Have A Home Inspection?

Sure, you can buy a home outright without having an inspection, and this might be tempting to save on your home inspection fees. However, why risk investing so much in a new home without really knowing what you’re buying? Here are more reasons why you should have a home inspection in Orlando, FL.



It’s important to have a home inspection because having an inspection provides you with more negotiating power. You can’t negotiate the price well if you don’t have any written information about the condition of the house and what the seller should fix.

Possible Defects

You will be made aware of any hidden defects. Sellers and their real estate agents are legally required to disclose any issues with their home, but there might be issues that they don’t know about, or they might be hoping that you don’t get that home inspection after all. Calling a home inspector ensures that you’ve verified the condition of the house and are aware of any potential problems before you spend lots of money on the house.

Professional Home Inspectors

A good pair of professional eyes can check to make sure that repairs are done right. We are certified home inspectors with licenses to check for mold and have completed a course of study, and passed examinations that ensure that we’re able to properly and professionally assess the condition of your home.

What to Expect?

Our inspector will come out to check out the home and to make sure that there are no potential problems. On the day of the inspection, you can walk around with your inspector to check out the situation for yourself during an initial site evaluation.

We will take you through your home and take a look at potential issues related to wiring, moisture, any infestations, and so on, and will be right there in case you need to ask any specific questions about how the home is looking.

After your home inspection is finished, we will hand you a written home inspection report that details all of our findings. The home inspection report will have photos and descriptions of any damage that we find, with the pictures included to help you understand the damage. All of the visuals ensure that you can get repair estimates much more easily too.

Common Issues We Look For

Roof Leaks and Other Roof Issues
Your inspector might climb up on the roof to check the shingles and the state of the roof. We’re looking to make sure that there’s nothing rotted and that there are no shingles that need to be repaired. We’ll also check for roof leaks.

Finally, we’ll look at electrical issues too. The point here is to make sure that everything is up to code and that your home is in no danger of any electrical issues.

Why Choose Us?

We’re professionals with years of experience and we know exactly where to look when it comes to inspecting your Orlando FL home. You can contact us to get an estimate on the price for the inspection, but beyond the price, know that we are professional, knowledgeable, and are more than happy to answer any questions that may arise during the home inspection process.

We know that your home is important to you. That’s why we’ll make sure that we get your home inspected to the best of our ability.


Value for Money

We keep our prices competitive and I would advise you  shop around before you make your choice of home inspector.  Wind Mitigation for $80.00 is excellent value.  A Home Inspection for $375.00 is hard to beat.


Full Home Inspection

When it comes to buying a home we will help by peeling back the layers and showing you more clearly what you are buying. 


Wind Mitigation

Often requested by insurance companies.  This is a simple report that explains to your insurance company about the roof structure and windows in your home. 


4 Point Inspection

This is a summary for the insurance company of the condition of the home’s Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical and Roof. 


Roof Inspection

If you want to know the condition of your roof, perhaps to determine if you should repair or replace? I can help you with that.  In addition, the report can be used to explain any damage to your insurance company if needed.


My Name Is Leigh Murray!

My name is Leigh Murray and I own and work as the inspector for Murray Home Inspection.  I enjoy being a Home Inspector and take care in the advice and information I provide.  From the structure of the home to the tile on the floor I try to provide accurate and clear information based on the inspection.  My aim is to help you make an informed decision.  Buying a home is a big decision & I can help you make the right one.

You will receive honest, trustworthy service from a state licensed home inspector.  An Orlando home inspector who is professional, polite and punctual.  Great reviews and happy clients because I love the work.  I will work for you and provide the best service and information I can.

Value for Money Inspections – As a small business I do not carry the overheads of a larger company.  I would encourage you to call other companies to get a quote.  My prices are clearly shown and provide excellent value for money.

Clear Reports – Each report is written to provide clear understanding with pictures of any faults found.

Questions –  I would recommend to anyone who is available to attend the end of the inspection and I am more than happy to sit and explain what I have found and show you any issues in person. 

Have A Question, Email Me?

Serving the greater Orlando area.

As a small business our reputation is everything.  Polite, Punctual and Professional. That’s our aim.

Client Testimonials

“Leigh Is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and also extremely helpful in all aspects. He was very reasonably priced and I would give him my absolute highest recommendation. Especially if you are located in the Orlando, Windermere or Dr. Phillips neighborhood. He is a local and knows many bits of information helpful if you are moving in”


“Leigh exceeded my expectations and he was extremely thorough. He actually saved us some money based on other quotes so he is very reasonable in pricing! I have nothing but great things to say about Leigh and highly recommend his services!”
Crystal El Haloui

“Leigh Murray provided a very thorough and insightful home inspection. He showed up on time, charged a fair price, and delivered the report promptly. I am very satisfied with his work and would recommend his business.”
Cody Hamilton

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