Home inspectors are vital for anyone hoping to buy a home. Before you hire one, though, you might be wondering if you could inspect a home yourself in a bid to save some money. It’s crucial to understand that home inspectors have to undergo extensive training to become certified. 

Take a look below at the training involved and what steps a home inspector needs to take before getting their home inspection certification.

120 Hours of Coursework

Before an inspector can even begin thinking about getting their license, they must first complete a state-approved home inspection course. In Florida, courses must be approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and there is a website specifically for home inspectors.

These courses are 120 hours in total and will prepare course candidates for the work that awaits them as home inspectors. In addition, the course offers real-world challenges for candidates to tackle so that when they’re faced with them at work, they know how to proceed

Some topics covered in the course include plumbing, gas, roofing, structure, and HVAC. Candidates will learn to recognize potential issues in the above sectors as well as how to write a report and contract. Course participants also learn about Florida standards and laws. 

It’s important that any course a potential home inspector takes is approved by the Florida DBPR or the participant won’t be allowed to take the home inspector exam afterward. There are a few different providers that offer approved coursework, but it’s crucial to always verify that the state has actually approved its curriculum.

InterNACHI is a good place to start to be informed about potential scams. As the largest home inspector association in the United States, their courses are widely accepted and considered some of the best in the country. Future inspectors can even become a member and benefit from discounts and special offers once they’ve earned their license. 

Another reputable training association is the ICA, as it is one of the most recognized associations when it comes to training for home inspectors in Florida.

Getting Licensed

Once a candidate has completed their 120 hours of coursework, they must take a state exam to get their license. InterNACHI offers a guide on how to prepare for the exam. Many candidates rely on practice tests, and some become InterNACHI members to benefit from their online practice exam.

When taking the test, candidates can choose from one of four approved centers in the state, and the test must be taken in-person. The exam costs $125, and candidates have one hour to complete it. To pass, a test candidate must score at least 70%. If a candidate fails the exam and needs to retake it, they’ll have to pay the fee again.

After successfully passing the exam, an inspector will receive proof of completion that they’ll need to show to the DBPR. There’s another fee (separate from the exam fee) of $230. As part of the license application, an inspector will need to have their fingerprints taken and pass a background test. 

Entrust Your Home Inspection To Murray Home Inspection

After completing the required training and receiving their license, candidates can begin practicing as home inspectors. It doesn’t just end there, though. Even after passing the exam, it’s still a good idea for any inspector to continue learning so that they can stay up to date on new standards and laws. 

Overall, it’s important to understand that home inspectors undergo extensive training to provide valuable service to their clients. If you’re buying a home, don’t hesitate to call us so we can serve you with our home inspection skills and help you learn more about the home you’re about to purchase!