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What Does FSBO Mean?

FSBO is short for “for sale by owner”. It’s a term that refers to a property sale when the sellers don’t work with an agent or broker to sell their home. Most of the time, sellers choose to mark their home as FSBO when they don’t want to pay agent or broker fees. The buyer, however, will still have to.

FSBO homes aren’t inherently negative or risky, but they should be approached with caution as with any other home. When looking at FSBO homes, it’s a good idea to get an FSBO inspection before making your offer or closing the sale.

What is a For Sale By Owner Inspection?

Whenever you buy a home, it’s vital to get a home inspection. Even if you think the home is new and couldn’t possibly have any major faults, a home inspection is still a good idea so you know of any other potential issues with the house that are not as obvious.

When it comes to FSBO homes, a home inspection is still just as, if not even more important.

With an FSBO home inspection, you can rest easy knowing the exact condition that the home is really in. This provides an easy way out, should the inspection reveal any expensive repairs or hidden problems that will cost you significantly.

It’s possible that the seller has already invested in an FSBO inspection and has the report to show you. Before accepting them at face value, though, look into the inspector they used to see if you trust their judgment. Some home inspectors may not have as much experience or may even have bad reviews that are worth keeping in mind.

Whether the seller offers you a ready-made report of a home inspection or not, it’s still a good idea to bring in your own professional home inspector who will be working for you with your best interests in mind.

Why Get an FSBO Inspection?

You’re already paying for a home and any broker or agent fees, so why pay for an FSBO home inspection as well? Most people think they can just take a walk through the property themselves and spot any issues.

Unless you’re an expert in various areas of construction, you most likely won’t be able to inspect your potential future home with the same expertise as a home inspector. As home inspectors who inspect homes day in and day out, we certainly have more experience and sharper attention to detail that helps us pick out more issues than the average untrained buyer.

Ultimately, home inspections protect you as a buyer. It’s really that simple. Sellers are likely to try and hide problems or downplay any visible issues. When it comes to FSBO homes, there’s possibly a higher risk of this. By hiring your own home inspector, though, you don’t have to worry about missing any important or costly defects.

FSBO homes are perfectly acceptable, but a home inspection is your best protection against untruthful sellers or expensive repairs. Even if there aren’t any significant issues that will demand your immediate attention, home inspections will still offer up a better understanding of the condition of your home.

What Does a FSBO Inspection Include?

With an FSBO home inspection, you’ll get all the same things as a regular home inspection. This means the inspector will take a look at the condition of walls, door frames and windows, general electric and plumbing, HVAC, and other basic aspects of a home inspection.

FSBO home inspectors will provide a clear report on the condition of the home, as well as photos of the issues they find. If there are problems, the inspector may include an estimate of the repair cost, but you can use the report and the photos to consult a professional and ask for a more precise quote before moving forward with the home buying process.

Should any worrying repairs pop up, you have better negotiating power. You can use the inspection report to back out after an offer has been made, or to reduce the price of the home according to the estimated repair costs.

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