4 Point Inspections in Orlando Florida

This report is requested by an insurance company looking for specific details on your home to help evaluate the premium for your home based on the condition of the core components.

A four point inspection is often requested on homes over 30 years old to determine if the core components have been updated or replaced.

In addition, some insurance companies ask for specific details to be included for other sections of the house. (for example, toilets, sinks or refrigerator).   I will be happy to accommodate most specific requests into the report.

A four point inspection covers these key areas of a home:

Roof Covering & Structure

Roof covering and Structures.

Plumbing Systems

Updates to pipework and connection to amenities.

Electrical Systems

Power into the house and how its is distributed.

HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems age and conditions.

During a four point inspection, we can go through any changes you have made and ensure where relevant we can include those in the report for the insurance company.  I will search the county or city records for permits to back up the visual evidence.

For a typical 4 bed home this takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.


4 Point Inspection : $100.00

Wind Mitigation Inspection & 4 Point Inspection : $130.00

Four Point Inspection FAQ

When Will I Need a 4 Point Inspection?

A 4 point inspection is something you should get whenever you’re dealing with an older home—like if you’re purchasing an older home or if you own an older home and are up for renewal on your homeowners insurance.

You will likely be asked to submit an inspection as part of the underwriting process, but it’s entirely possible that any home might need a four-point inspection when it comes to insurance. After all, each insurance agency has its own set of rules concerning which houses need an inspection.

What Goes Into a 4 Point Inspection?

A four-point inspection is different from your usual new home inspection, which takes a few hours and is meant to assess whether the home can be closed on or not.

By contrast, the usual 4 point inspection will take about 30 minutes and is a visual appointment. It is meant to assess how your home can stand up to some weather situations and whether it fits the building codes needed in some coastal and serious weather areas.

The inspection will cover the four major home systems: the roof, the HVAC system and ductwork, the plumbing, and the electrical work. Basically, it’s meant to check that there are no hidden problems in any of these systems.

Does Florida Homeowners Insurance Require 4 Point Inspections?

Most insurance companies will require a 4 point inspection to assess what type of homeowner’s policy you can purchase. It does depend on your insurance policy, but generally, it will be required if your home is older than 40 years, or if your rental property is older than 30 years. Always check with your insurance agent to make sure you need to get this done.

Why Does My Insurance Company Want a 4 Point Inspection Report?

In coastal areas like Florida, there have been record-level winds and storms causing damage that insurance companies have needed to pay for. The whole point of the 4 point inspection is largely to help these insurance companies. You need to show proof that your home is maintained properly in order to qualify for insurance and obtain the best insurance premiums possible.

Basically, your insurance company wants this in order to prevent them from having more liability in relation to your home.

Are Inspections “Pass or Fail?”

A four point inspection is much more complicated than just passing or failing. Each one will include an itemized list of all the inspection areas and any information about the condition of your home, what might need repair, and if anything needs replacement.

4 Point Inspection vs Home Inspection

As mentioned, 4 point inspections will take around half an hour, while a full inspection can take hours.

This is because they are essentially different types of inspections. 4 point inspections only handle four specific components of the home, being the roof, plumbing system, HVAC system, and electric. These cause the most problems for insurance companies, which is why the rest of the house is not focused on.

By contrast, a home inspection handles everything, including these four areas. So, this includes appliances and the entire interior and exterior. This type of inspection covers everything in your home, although both can still be useful when it comes to buying homes or getting insurance.

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