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A wind mitigation inspection tells the insurance company how your roof is designed in terms of shape, structure, and method of attachment to the walls of the house.  In addition, if you have hurricane windows these can be included in the description.  This gives the insurance company specific details about your house so you get a more accurate, discounted premium.

Cost of Wind Mitigation $80.00

Cost of Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection $130.00

The insurance companies are looking for the following information to make a more specific quote for your home.

What’s Looked at During a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

  • The year the home was built (specifically what building code did it comply with)
  • The year the roof was built (looking here for after the 2002 Florida building code was effective)
  • What the roof covering is made from and when it was last replaced. (County or City permits)
  • If you have a water proof layer under the eternal roof covering
  • The type of roof deck and its components (nail size, nailing pattern, etc.)
  • Roof-to-wall attachments (metal straps or similar.)
  • The geometric shape of your roof
  • The types of exterior openings your home has (Windows, Doors & Garage door)

The most significant part of the Wind Mitigation in terms of the discount you can potentially receive is the type or shape of roof you have. If you have a Hip roof then you are most likely to get a discount.  This shape of roof is most resistant to the force of a strong wind.

The next check is the Building code under which the roof was installed. If the permit was made on or after March 1 2002 and we can find a record of the permit (or indeed you have it). This is because after this date the Florida Building Code required higher standards of covering and installation.

How the roof deck (the wood below the shingle covering) is attached to the rafters (the wooded structure of the roof).   There is also a check on the material used.

How the Trusses (the wooden structure of the roof) are attached to the outside walls of the home.

Is there a water resistant barrier between the roof deck and the shingle or tile?

Does the house have hurricane windows, door and garage door. This is pretty unusual in and around Orlando and mainly exists in Southern Florida.

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Benefits of a Wind Mitigation Inspection in Central Florida


Your family’s safety is paramount and you definitely want a house that is safe and able to withstand the extreme and unpredictable weather we get here in Florida. Doing a wind mitigation inspection means you get more insight into making your home safer and less prone to hurricane or strong windstorm damage.

Your inspector will let you know how safe your house is and often give you more tips on how to make your home even safer and stronger to endure storms.

Enjoy a Potential Discount on Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Investing in a wind mitigation inspection may allow you to save hundreds of dollars in your insurance premium, thanks to wind mitigation discounts. Bear in mind that the inspection is valid for a good five years, making it a worthwhile investment.

For example, if you do receive a discount of $500 annually off your insurance premium, then paying for a wind mitigation inspection is only a small investment for enjoying returns of $2500 over five years. While we can’t guarantee how much of a discount you’ll enjoy since it depends on many factors, we do know of Florida homeowners enjoying much more than $2500 in their savings.

Gives You More Details and Understanding About Your Potential Home

You have your eye on a prospective home and have already engaged an Orlando home inspection service. Unfortunately, Orlando home inspection services don’t cover how prepared your home is for a windstorm. A wind mitigation report will give you even more insight into the state of your home.

Similar to a home inspection, you can use the information you gain from the report in your negotiation with the sellers. You’ll also be better informed about the health and safety issues as well as changes and investments you might need to put in after you purchase the home.

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