Home inspections are a vital part of the home-buying process and should never be overlooked. But, if it’s your first time buying a home, we understand your hesitancy. Everything else is already so expensive; it’s only natural that you want to save money when possible. However, a home inspection is not something to skip as it can help you detect major and expensive problems.

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Is a Home Inspection Actually Thorough?

It’s not uncommon to worry about how thorough home inspections actually are. Fortunately, you aren’t just spending money for no reason. Home inspectors cover many different aspects of your future home and will look into several potential problem areas, so you can rest assured they aren’t just breezing through the place. Instead, they have a strict list of items to go through and pay a lot of attention to detail.

Here are some of the things a home inspection does cover:


On the exterior, a home inspector will look at the following:

  • Condition of the home’s siding and paint
  • Locking and sealing capacity of all doors and windows
  • Garage door condition
  • The grading around the home
  • Nearby vegetation
  • Window and door screens’ condition
  • Exterior outlet covers
  • Signs of structural damage or settlement
  • Gutter and downspout condition


Home inspectors will investigate basic electrical aspects of the home. They’ll search for: 

  • Faulty or unsafe wiring
  • AFCI and GFCI breakers and outlets
  • Proper grounding 
  • Exposed wires
  • Required and relevant permits
  • Last update of the system


A home’s roof is vital to your safety, and home inspectors will closely look at several aspects of it:

  • Last roofing permit
  • Condition of the roofing material (shingles, metal, tile, etc)
  • Proper, safe, and unblocked ventilation
  • Visible condition of the flashing
  • Remaining life expectancy
  • Leaks and signs of damage or recent repairs
  • Signs of wind damage and aging

How to Find the Right Inspector

Part of making sure your home inspection is thorough is choosing the right home inspector. Some inspectors will have more experience than others and know how to quickly identify potential issues. 

Picking the right inspector is important, so here are a few tips for doing so: 

  1. Pick One Before You Find a Home

Once you find a home, you’re pressed for time. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to take your time finding the right inspector and can make you feel rushed. To avoid this, take the time to pick a home inspector before you start seriously looking into homes.

  1. Ask Questions

Many home inspectors will happily tell you about their experience and work, but you should always have at least a few questions on hand. Make sure you ask how long they’ve been a home inspector, how many inspections they’ve done, and if they have any references. You may even ask about their background and what makes them especially skilled.

  1. Look for Credentials and Licensing

Some states require home inspectors to have a license, and others don’t. In either case, there are still some ways to identify good inspectors. Make sure they have a license (if required by your state) or ask for their certification and credentials (if your state does not require a license).


Home inspections are one of the most important parts of buying a home, so don’t be tempted to skip one or think they aren’t thorough. The best home inspectors will come back with a comprehensive report covering all major areas of concern, so take your time to ensure that you choose the right home inspector you can trust. If you have any further questions about the home inspection process, give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to help!