When you’re purchasing insurance for your home, you might find that your insurer wants you to do a home inspection. Or perhaps, you’re simply wondering if getting a home inspection can actually reduce your insurance premium. Getting a home inspector Orlando to sign off on your home is very beneficial in many ways, so let’s look at how it can affect your insurance premium.

Can a Home Inspection Reduce My Insurance Premium?

It’s true that the results of your home inspection can influence your home insurance premium. If an inspection highlights any significant concerns, the company can cancel its policy coverage.

However, having a home inspection is still in your best interest. This ensures that you have all maintenance performed regularly and that your home is kept in peak condition, which might even reduce your insurance premiums.

What Is a Four-Point Inspection?

This is a common inspection that covers the four main areas of your home: the HVAC system, your electrical wiring and panels, plumbing and fixtures, and the roof. Usual wear and tear can impact each of these areas, so an inspection ensures that they stay in good shape over time.

An inspector will check these spots to ensure there are no leaks or potential moisture damage, which provides you with peace of mind and will also tell your insurance company that your home is a low liability.

What Is a Wind-Mitigation Inspection?

There are multiple types of inspections, including those that evaluate your home for how effectively it stands up to wind damage. That’s what a wind-mitigation inspection does by checking your roof structure and covering type, your glass and shutters, your garage doors, and any secondary water resistance barriers.

The aim is to ensure your home can resist any storms, and in places like Florida, this means resisting hurricane weather. If your home can withstand high winds, this means less assumed risk for storm damage from your insurance company—and lower premiums for you.

Required Inspections

You should know that your insurance company can require an inspection of your home at any time. This means that if there is an issue that you fear will be expensive to resolve, your insurance company has the ability to find out about this anyway—usually when it comes time to renew your insurance policy.

You want to stay on top of any maintenance problems to keep your home in the best shape possible, which will also lower any replacement costs later.

Insurance Premiums

Yes, a home inspection affects your insurance premium, which can indeed go both ways. 

However, if you’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance over time, your premium can actually go down. It certainly pays to repair and maintain your home over time to prevent an inspection from increasing your premiums. You can even do minor repairs and fixes as well, such as cleaning your yard, decluttering your garages, and fixing up your storage spaces.

If you’re wondering how much your premium might be able to be reduced by, it can be in the range of 20 percent or even be higher in some cases. While this won’t happen in every case, there’s still no good reason to neglect your home and choose not to find out any issues. After all, you can certainly still save yourself a lot of money from significant repairs in the future by not allowing minor problems to snowball into more significant issues.


A home inspection can do a lot more than keep your home safe, although that’s often a good enough reason to get one done. If you keep your house regularly maintained and do repairs along the way, you can get an inspection done and possibly reduce your insurance premium.