First time home buyers will realize rather quickly that the process isn’t always straightforward. In fact, there are several considerations when looking for their dream property. 

Knowing what you are getting into is only the first step. There are many expenses to think about, and you also want to make sure that you are moving into a place that will have no significant problems for the next few years. This is where Orlando home inspections come in handy.

Here is a useful guide to get you on the right track if you’re a first time home buyer in Orlando.

Orlando First Home Buyers’ Guide

Expert Help

One of the best ways to purchase a new property is to hire professionals for help, especially if you are not familiar with the area you are looking in. Realtors and real estate agents can provide their expertise and spot common issues or mistakes to make the process smoother.

With a good realtor helping you, you’ll have expert advice on hand and have a better idea of what to expect.


Unless you have tons of resources to draw from, chances are that you will need a mortgage. Getting a good mortgage rate is great, and while there will be many lenders who boast low rates and other benefits, it is best that you do your research to find out if they are legitimate lenders. 

The last thing you need is signing an agreement only to see changing interest rates, poor response, and other problems that can impact your finances. You can always start with your bank of choice, a credit union, or a recognized national lender. Your realtor may also have good recommendations to share as well.

Understanding Your Needs

Now, onto the actual home you are looking for. You may have many wishlist items to check off when choosing a new home, but remember, not everything is going to be feasible. By putting together a list of all your conditions, both you and your real estate agent will be better positioned to narrow options down to the few that are truly worth a look. 

With a precise list in hand, you can then proceed to view these listings in person. Nothing beats an actual viewing of the home, and it may also help you discover what you like or dislike about a particular property. By removing all the doubts and uncertainty, you can be more certain about making an offer.

Invaluable Inspections

You might be convinced that you’ve found your perfect new home. Still, it pays to have a licensed and qualified expert do a home inspection. A home inspector can cover many issues, including mold, lead, asbestos testing, or pool and septic inspections, among others.

Your inspector will share potential problems that could affect a home down the line. Once you have your report and are able to address everything, you will have a better peace of mind and be in a better position to negotiate with the seller. You’ll be able to plan ahead for any expected repairs or decide that you don’t want to go ahead with the purchase due to major issues found in the house.


Buying your first home can be a challenging process, but knowing all the right tips and hiring the help of experts will put you in better stead. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your home inspection before you make your purchase.