Here in Florida, you always have to be on the lookout for the weather. While it’s sunny enough for solar panels, it can also get rainy and windy too—enough to potentially damage your house in a hurricane. 

Any homeowner would want to protect their home against damage from a windstorm. If you’re wondering if a wind mitigation inspection will help save on your insurance, keep reading to understand more.

What is Wind Mitigation?

When you live in an area with a high chance of hurricanes, it’s a good idea to get your home inspected to see if it can withstand wind damage. That’s what wind mitigation is: an inspection that is done by a qualified home inspector that will check to see whether your home is resistant to wind damage.

What Do Inspectors Look For?

Essentially, an inspector will look for anything that is meant to keep your home resistant to wind. This can include water barriers, storm windows, roof-to-foundation anchoring, roof shape, roof covering, and any protection of the openings in your home. 

If these features are in your home, it may be possible for you to save on your insurance.

What Happens During an Inspection?

Basically, an inspector will come to your home to search for resistant factors. They’ll look mostly around your roof, doors, and windows to see whether your roof can withstand a serious storm.

They’ll document what they find, like in any inspection, and will also take photos of your roof. Of course, this is meant to reduce any possible fraud. Overall, your inspection will only take around an hour.

Should My Home Be Inspected?

All Florida homes built after 2002 were built with safety codes that should look great on a wind mitigation inspection. But even if you’ve just had your roof replaced or if your entire home is new, it’s a great idea to have your home inspected. If your home needs fixing, this is when you’ll find out.

Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save on Insurance?

Yes, it does. The point of a wind mitigation inspection is to see whether your home will be able to stand up to the quick winds of a hurricane. If your home is in good shape, you can save some money through discounts.

In previous storms, many insurance companies went broke trying to fulfill claims after severe damage to homes. The solution for these insurance companies? Incentivize getting the home inspected and shored up for the next big storm.

Florida is also the first state in the nation to mandate a reduction in insurance costs if you get a wind mitigation inspection. Of course, this is only as long as your inspection is conducted by a board-certified inspector.

Can I Save Money on Insurance in Some Other Way?

No. Your wind mitigation is the only type of inspection that can really reduce the cost of your insurance. That’s because this is the only inspection that checks the safety and strength of your home. If you have many good features in your home, you’ll end up with a lower premium overall.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Realistically, this will depend on your home and where you live. By the coast, you might save yourself anywhere between a few hundred to around a thousand dollars. 

More likely, your inspection will save you around a hundred dollars. A legal wind mitigation inspection performed by a licensed professional can be valid for up to five years, so your savings can really add up.


A wind mitigation inspection can save you a significant amount of money. The amount isn’t always the same in different circumstances, but it’s very rare for your inspection not to save you any money at all. Regardless of insurance savings, you’ll still know that your home will be safe when it comes to the next hurricane and that peace of mind is priceless.