Hiring a home inspector for a potential home is one of the most important things you could do. However, some buyers aren’t totally sold on the idea of hiring a home inspector and we get it. Although it may seem like just another extra cost, this investment will pay off by alerting you to potential problems that you didn’t know were lurking. 

Let’s take a look at why a home inspection Orlando is so important and why it’s a step you shouldn’t miss.

What Are Home Inspections?

Home inspections are great for both buyers and sellers, but for slightly different reasons. Since home inspectors will look at many things around the house, both parties can benefit in knowing how the house needs to be improved and what exactly the value is.

As a buyer, hiring a home inspector will allow you to look through a professional’s eye at electrical wiring, ventilation, insulation efficiency, any pipe leaks, quality of appliances, housing and garage foundations, and the overall condition of windows, doors, and walls. With a home inspection, you’ll know what will need to be fixed and how soon before you buy the house.

Reasons to Hire a Home Inspector

Before you buy a house, we highly recommend a hiring a home inspector and here’s why:

You Can Save Money

Home inspections might be an additional investment, but having to replace an entire wall or pipe system that you didn’t realize needed fixing would be even more costly. With a home inspector, you’ll be alerted to all the potential problems with the house and there’s a much lower chance of a surprise issue popping up after you’ve moved in.

Discover Potential Safety Hazards

While you’re busy looking at all the beautiful photos or wandering around the house yourself, you might not notice the lack of fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. Maybe you don’t see the mold growing in the wall behind the closet door. A home inspector will notice all of these potential safety violations and let you know about them immediately.

Easy Negotiations

If you have the word of a home inspector backing you up about potential problems, it’s much easier to negotiate with the seller.

With the estimated costs from the home inspector, you can approach the seller and ask them to either fix the problems themselves or lower the selling price accordingly.

Reveal Any Illegal Aspects of the House

Some sellers, either intentionally or not, may have made some illegal additions to their house. Unfortunately, many real estate agents may not realize this in time, but a home inspector will notice them right away.

Home inspectors can inform you if the house is lacking any permits and what difficulties you may face if you go through with the sale. In cases where a home has incorrect permits or was built against local builders code, a home inspector can save you from legal problems that may arise down the road.


Hiring a home inspector may seem like extra work at first, but in the end, you could save yourself lots of stress and money. In situations where you personally can’t visit the home, it’s especially important to have a professional inspect it on your behalf. Don’t fall for a house that looks nice on the outside without first giving it a thorough look. You might be surprised by the issues that are hiding behind the facade.