A full home inspection by a home inspector Orlando is an important part of the selling process for both the buyer and the seller.  Naturally, the buyer will want everything in great condition which is why a home inspection can potentially make or break a sale. When the time comes for your home inspection, you will have to be prepared so that you can have the best results. 

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your home for a full home inspection.

Preparing Your Home for a Full Inspection

Thoroughly Clean Your House

One of the first and most important things you will want to do is clean up your entire house, both inside and outside. A messy home will only turn potential buyers away from your home as they’ll want to buy a property that they know is well taken care of. Cleaning your house may also involve clearing out any furniture you do not plan to keep once the property purchase has been made. 

Also make sure the gutters are clean and any repairs that you would have to do for the house is taken care of in time. Don’t forget about the roof. Be sure to clean out any debris on the roof and make sure that none of the tiles are damaged. Buyers will definitely have a better opinion of the property being sold if they are aware that you keep everything cleaned and maintained.

Make Sure Every Appliance Works

You have to make sure that every appliance and system in your house functions correctly. Your air conditioner/heating system will have to function properly. The doors and windows should open and close correctly and every light switch in the house should work. Any appliances that are being left in the house should be clean and functional. You should also make sure that the walls and ceilings do not have any holes, leaks, stains, or cracks. 

If some of these functions don’t work properly, you will have to get them repaired before selling the house. Sometimes it is a simple fix, such as replacing an occasional light bulb, but some repairs can take a lot of time and money to complete.

Keep Documentation for Repairs

Important home repairs will usually come with documentation showing what repairs have been carried out and when they were done. Insurance claims also count as important documentation and should be added to any document compilation. This will help the inspector tremendously. 

Don’t Impede the Inspection

During the inspection, you will want to stay out of the inspector’s way. This will give them the chance to form their own opinions about the property and perform a thorough check without distractions. 

Give Access

The house inspector will need open access to any areas that require attention. Basements, attics, and many other places will need to have clear access for inspection. Clutter and any other type of obstacle will only make the inspection process more difficult. Remove anything that would prevent inspectors from moving forward in any area of the house.

Finish All Repairs

There may be some appliances and parts of the house that will need to be repaired before you officially sell your property. You may have to repair toilets, sinks or any other types of damage. Leaving the extra work for the buyer to do will only cause a hindrance and can dissuade them from purchasing your house. They can handle future repairs once the property belongs to them, but you should take care of any possible current repairs.


Everything should function properly before you sell your house. The inspection process is essential for giving your potential buyer the full picture of their purchase. If the inspection goes well, then you will be all set to sell your home.