Wind Mitigation Orlando.

Do I really need one?

Wind Mitigation Orlando is a way of informing your insurance company about the condition of your home in relation to hurricanes.  A good percentage of the home insurance premium is devoted to this and if you meet the criteria you can reduce this portion of your premium.  It is worth asking your insurance company if they will discount you for having this done.  If they say yes then have the report done otherwise you don't need one.

The most significant part of the inspection in terms of the discount you can potentially receive is the type of roof you have. If you have a Hip roof then you are most likely to get a discount.  This shape of roof is most resistant to the force of a strong wind.

The next check is the Building code under which the roof was installed. If the permit was made on or after March 1 2002 and we can find a record of the permit (or indeed you have it). This is because after this date the Florida Building Code required higher standards of covering and installation.

How the roof deck (the wood below the shingle covering) is attached to the rafters (the wooded structure of the roof).   There is also a check on the material used.

How the rafters (the wooden structure of the roof) is attached to the outside walls of the home.

Is there a water resistant barrier? This would require the documentation from the installation.

Does the house have hurricane windows, door and garage door. This is pretty unusual in and around Orlando and mainly exists in Southern Florida.

What is the cost?

For a Wind Mitigation I charge $75.00.  If you have a 4 point inspection done at the same time I will do both for $120.00. 

Its easy to book and I will try and work to your time frame.  Call +407 227 8812