Walk Through New Property Orlando

Walk Through New Property Orlando

Walk Through New Property Orlando

When you are buying a new home one of the most important things to do is the final inspection of the home before you sign and purchase.  In most instances builders are very good at getting buildings ready, but are not always that great at the detail.  As the buyer what you want is what you saw in the show home or brochure.  Walk through new property orlando.


That's where we can help you.  We can walk through a new home and mark up and snags or issues that we find.  So what do we look for in a walk through.

Paint - Poor craftsmanship, not enough coverage, color matches.

Finishes on windows and doors

Joins in walls and surfaces.

Finishes on the bathrooms

Finishes on the flooring

Electrical panel


Attic - Insulation as well as condition

Roof - Including venting


Garden - Grass, grade and bushes.

Exterior walls, pipe finishes and terminations, vents.

Flooring - The joins specifically in wooded and tile.  Baseboards and door ways where the flooring changes.

We will then compile and report and have it over to you that day where possible.  If we have a morning appointment we will get it to you the same day.

As long as the house is under 4,000 sq ft the cost is $195.00.  For an appointment or to discuss your requirements please call me on 407 227 8812 or emil murrayhomeinspection@gmail.com