Orlando Wind Mitigation

Orlando Wind Mitigation

Insurance companies in Florida charge a high percentage of the premium for wind damage.  Between  the number of storms and hurricanes we have each season its easy to see why.  That is to say Orlando Wind Mitigation Report provides the insurance company with specific details on how your house is constructed and with these details the insurance company can reduce your premium based on those details.

Therefore lets have a look at those details :

Orlando Wind Mitigation details

  1. Most Importantly the type of roof you have.  This is related to the shape of the roof.  With a preference for a HIP roof.
  2. Secondly the construction of the roof.
  3. The type of roof covering you have.  For example shingle or tile.
  4. How the roof is attached to the house, and with what fastenings.
  5. If you have a built in waterproof membrane in the roof covering.
  6. If you have hurricane proof windows and confirmation of how they are fitted. This would include shutters.

So in conclusion the Wind Mitigation is a report to help your insurance company determine the wind damage portion of your premium.  If you are thinking about having a Wind Mitigation click here to see our thoughts.