Home Inspection

Home Inspection Orlando by Murray Home Inspection.

A full home Inspection is primarily used when you are intending to buy a home and would like to know the condition of the major components of the house.  Set out below are the areas that we would normally cover in an inspection.

Home Inspection Orlando

The roof from the eaves to the top. This is typically done from the roof itself if possible, if not by using a ladder up against the eaves of the roof.

The exterior From the driveway to the walls.

The foundation and crawlspace.

Structural components.

The Air Conditioning.

The plumbing

The Electrical system

The attic and ventilation.

The Doors, windows and interior

The Lawn Sprinkler system

Pool and or Spa

Out buildings

In each area mentioned there is a list of sub components such as the Soffits / Facias on the roof or the roof vents.  If you would like a more comprehensive list we are happy to provide it for you.

Cost : $320.00 for any home under 4,000 Sq Ft under Air.  Anything larger and I can give you an individual quote but it wont be significantly more.