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We pride ourselves on providing clear easy to understand home inspection reports.  Where possible we don't use technical terms we use plain English to ensure you understand exactly what we are seeing.  We make sure you understand exactly what condition the major components of the house are.  Its the biggest purchase most people make.  Make sure you have the best information available.

We do more than just full Home Inspections we also provide Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspections and walk through for new homes.  If you are considering a Wind Mitigation or 4 Point inspection I can talk you through any questions you may have to help you understand what the insurance company are looking for.  

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Full Home Inspection

4 Point Inspections

Wind Mitigations

I am a certified Home Inspector in Florida with a state licence.  This allows me to perform Wind Mitigation and 4 point inspections to help the insurance company make a individual quote based on your home.  

Reports are with you the day after the inspection and finally we are good value for money in comparison to the market.  When possible we will be able to schedule you in with 2 days and work to your time frame.  

Perhaps you have a specific area of concern.  I will be happy to discuss this with you before or after the inspection.  If you would like us to look into something specific we will normally be able to accommodate most requests. 

If  you are looking for a home inspection, wind mitigation or 4 Point Inspection in Orlando, I can help you.  

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